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Sustainable, creative Design!

Romeo & Juliet- Verona

Hi guys!

Well the team at Danny Broe Architects have been really busy the past couple of weeks! We have been going to seminars that have made us think...what do we want to be recognised for? That was easy! ... Sustainable, creative Design!

So, this week we have focused on changing our whole attitude towards architecture and design and how we at the studio function! This means swtiching off lights that we do not need! Placing recylced paper in our printer for daily prints that circle the studio and working with builders and contractors that share our same beliefs.

We are taking it one step further! We are redesigning our studio. We are going to turn it into an interactive space. One option I came across was the blox wall. A great way to divide the space up using a recyled material. the best thing about using cardboard to decorate the space is that you can truely create an individual space. It gives you the freedom to sketch, paint (waterbase paints of course!), and draw on the boards. In a studio or shared environment, it's a great way to communicate with fellow roomates!

It is like having a blackboard on all walls, but only better beacuse it is there for good! The idea is similar to the house of Romeo and Juliet in the Italian city of Verona. Romantic tourists from around the world have written their names hugged with hearts on the walls of the house. A symbolism of love, romance and hope. However, it is much more than that, it is an application.

It is an artwork, an art form (graffiti) and it is a form of communication. Best of all it's sustainable.

In a studio or working environment it limits the number of flaoting pieces of paper and post it notes because it's all there infront of you. It becomes a feature and many companies are making interactive wallpaper that use these principles of decoration. Allowing you to write and draw all over the walls. So are paint companies, allowing you to paint black chalkboard walls.

So, this is something to think about when decorating childrens bedrooms! Less chemicals used trying to clean the texta and crayon off the white painted living room walls.

Anyway Guys, happy painting! til next week

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