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Project Types We Can Assist You With 

- New houses, "knock down rebuild" 

- Duplexes and townhouses 

- Renovations and additions to houses

- Restaurants and cafes

- Healthcare, dentists, G.P. clinics, childcare.  

- New Apartment and apartment renovations - Class 2 buildings. We are registered Design Practitioners

- Commercial buildings

- All project Types 


Why should you choose our services?

  • WE PROJECT MANAGE YOUR WHOLE PROJECT FROM BEGINNING TO END. We not only design great buildings but we also project manage it as one point of contact and achieve an inspiring and amazing building in an efficient and predictable way.

  • We have twenty eight years experience in the building industry.

  • We both architects and qualified interior designers. This is very rare in a small architectural practice. This means that you get architecture, interior design and project management for a similar fee to most practices that offer only architectural services.   We believe strongly that the combination of an architect and interior designer results in an amazing and inspiring project.

  • Our studio is based in Pyrmont, Sydney, but we are open to projects outside of the metropolitan area, interstate or international.

  • However big or small, urgent or challenging your project seems we are interested to hear about it, offer advice and work with you to get it off the ground, literally.

  • We never take on too many projects that we don't have time for yours.

  • Your creative input on the design is important to us because this helps make your project unique from others and personal to you.

How is Danny Broe Architect different to other architects?

  • We project manage the process from beginning to end - something many architects don’t do.

  • We manage the financial side of the project from beginning to end

  • We are an architectural firm as well as in interior design firm so you get both services whereas most small architecture firms do not have qualified interior designers. 

  • The fact the we have a great network of builders, engineers, joiners and other contracters and consultants and we manage the roles of these professionals and tradespeople.

  • Your budget is one of the important factors in your project, so we will always give you realistic advice and organise a professional cost estimator in addition to managing the financial side of the building contract during construction.

  • By far the biggest cost in your project is the Builders’ construction cost and not the architects fees. The fact that we project manage carefully and deliver the project efficiently and on budget means that you will save our fee a few times over compared to a project where the building cost is unpredictable due to poor or no project management and a lack of the detailed technical drawings and specifications that we always provide.


Have a question? See if you can find an answer here. If not, feel free to call us and we will answer any questions you may have;​


What is an architect?

An accredited and registered professional trained in architectural design

An architect is highly trained and experienced - not only in building design but in many other areas such as project management, approvals, construction techniques, structural principals, quoting, building contracts, advice during construction and the financial management of a project. We are quite different to building designers who do not need formal training and work experience. Here is the board of Architect’s explanation:

An architect is a trained, accredited and registered professional. Architects in Australia provide professional services in connection with the planning and the design, construction, enlargement, conservation, restoration or alteration of a building or group of buildings. These professional services include, but are not limited to, planning, strategic and land-use planning, urban design, provision of

preliminary studies, design, models, drawings, specifications and technical documentation, coordination of technical documentation prepared by others as appropriate and without limitation (consulting engineers, landscape architects and other specialist consultants), construction economics, contract

administration, monitoring of construction and project management ( While other practitioners may provide building design services, architects must be registered with the Architects Registration Board in the state or territory in which they want to practise.  After completing a degree in architecture, graduates are required to undertake a period of professional experience prior to being able to register. A graduate is not legally permitted to call him/herself an architect until he/she has successfully completed the registration process and registered as an architect. Once you have completed your period of professional experience, you can apply to register as an architect.

The registration process involves submitting a statement/ logbook of experience, passing both a written examination set by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) and a verbal interview and then applying to join the register. Once registered an architect is required to undertake continuing Professional Development annually in order to maintain their status as an architect. CPD ensures architects keep up with changing trends, developments and legal requirements for the industry.


How do I know someone is an architect and not just saying they are? (this is unfortunately sometimes the case)

First check​​

You can easily find out if someone is a registered architect by checking with the Board of Architects online or

by calling them on 02 9241 4033.​ Our registration number is 5420. 


How much will my project cost?

This is of course really important and we take the budget very seriously. We can give you ball park cost feedback after meeting you to start you on the way and then we assist you to engage a cost estimator at the right time and keep control of project costs. When you have detailed plans a builder can provide a very accurate fixed lump sum quote. We have an incredible record of keeping cost variations to a minimum during construction due to the detailed drawings and specifications we do. We also usually do project management during construction and manage all project costs between you and the builder therefore providing a high level of financial predictability - something which is rare in the building industry.


How long will it take?

It depends on the size and complexity of your project

A small interior project could take just weeks and a large renovation, new house or commercial, public building can take one to 2 years from beginning to end.  Part of the reason for the length of time is that you the client need the opportunity to review design decisions and be sure that you are happy with the outcome. Councils can take from 6 weeks to much longer to approve a DA. Building work is generally between 2 months and 10 months. For a typical project the before building period could be about 6-9 months so the total time could be one to one and a half years.


How do you charge?

We provide very detailed quotes that break the project down into stages and each stage has a fee associated with it.  


What is the first step?

Please see our contact page for how to get started.

We highly recommend our ‘’Architects Consultation” or you can Call Danny on 0407226667

Helpful Tips:

Email us real-estate plans of the property

Email us your ideas in point form

Call Danny on 0407226667 and he will explain the consultation process and make a time with you to meet you in our office or to go ahead with a consultation and meet you at your property and discuss your ideas.

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