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How to get started on your project?

Danny Broe Architect's Architectural consultation and Feasibility Report 

Most people have these three burning questions about their property, 

1) What design and layout approach is best?

2) How much will my renovation or new house cost?

3) Will my idea for my house be approved by council? 

The consultation and house visit with Danny will answer these three questions. 

We have found after many years of helping people to start their projects the best way is to start with a consultation and report service.

Your project is too complex and important for an architect to just “jump in the car, drop over, have a chat and quote”.

This approach does not allow the architect to do important investigations and to give the best strategic advice on which, to base their quote, we have developed a really useful consultation process that results in you getting six important things:


  1. A meeting at your property with Danny, an architect with 25 years experience.

  2. Verbal design ideas after a brainstorming session between you and Danny.

  3. An indication of the ball park cost to build your project and an important matching of budget to expectations.

  4. Advice on the best type of building approval to get and the likelihood of approval.

  5. A written summary report.

  6. A detailed and accurate fee proposal for architectural services which doubles as a strategic project plan.


The consultation is a fixed fee of $550.00 plus g.s.t. 





You can either:


Book the consultation now


​                          or


Speak to Danny on 0407 2260 667


​                          or


Come into the office and meet Danny before you book a consultation. This is free of charge.



After the consultation of course we would love to be your architects, but if you want to investigate other options our report and consultation becomes a valuable tool when talking to other building professionals.

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