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The "Architects Consultation, Report and Ideas Diagram"

Hi Folks, 

Do you own a property and plan to either renovate or build a new house but you have no idea if your ideas are great? or how much is will cost? or if the council will approve it? or what do really Architects do and what do they charge? Well we are very excited to introduce a new service that is designed to assist people like you to get started in quick and focussed way.  We now do what we can an "Architects consultation, report and Ideas Diagram".  This is where, for a modest fee of $700.00 plus GST we provide you with very useful and sophisticated Architectural advice. Danny Broe the principal architect of Danny Broe Architect will come and meet you at your property having already researched your aims and your property information and he will discuss your objectives. Then he will brainstorm ideas and follow up after the meeting with an informative report that contains the following vital information: 

1) Feedback and ideas on what you can do to the property. 

2) Feedback on possible ball park cost of construction 

3) Feedback on what type of approval you will need and the likelihood of approval of your ideas. 

He will then also provide you with a detailed strategy of how to get from commencement to completion in a predictable way along with a detailed fee proposal.  You can then choose to continue with us on the amazing journey of boutique design and construction or use the information you have to research and plan further in a much more focussed way. 

Email us now at to book an "Architects consultation, report and Ideas Diagram" or to ask about it or call us on 93113019.  

 Here is a sample of the a 9 page report.

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