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Danny Broe

Danny has had twenty year experience in architecture and he is a leading and recognised Sydney Architect. He graduated in architectural with first class honours and became a registered architect two years later while starting Danny Broe Architect (D.B.A.). Danny also has 15 year experience as a university tutor at USYD and UTS teaching design, communication and construction. Danny’s strengths are design, construction knowledge, project management, client relationships and access to a wide network of building professionals and trades.

Fahimah Badrulhisham

Fahimah is a registered architect with ten years experience in several prestigious architectural firms. She has been with D.B.A. for three years and is an experienced and passionate project architect. Fahimah has a wide range of experience in the areas of; design, technical drawings and specifications, building approvals, consultant management, heritage, contract signing, advice during construction, contract administration and the financial management of projects.


Veronica Andrus-Blaskievics

Veronica is a qualified and accredited interior designer and stylist and she's been part of the team since 2018. She is also a talented and successful independent artist and a florist designer. Veronica has a wide range of experience in the areas of; style, design, technical drawings and specifications.

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