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Client: Cameron Bush

"We contracted Danny Broe and his team to work on redevelopment of our Weatherboard house in Leichhardt. The house still had a large number of original features and our goal was to retain as much of the character as we could while making the home into our family home.

Danny immediately impressed us with his sensitivity to our needs and the desire to retain the original character of the building in the new design. As a result the options that Danny presented were in line with our expectations. Danny was fantastic at listening to our feedback on the designs and more then comfortable to push back on us if the idea or desire was unachievable.

Through the DA application, Danny's understanding of the Leichhardt council process meant that our plans were approved quickly and without many questions. The team were thorough in their planning and presentation and they had thought of all the areas that needed to be covered with the council. This made the process of gaining approval relatively seamless.

Danny and his team also managed the contract administration and the build process and during this his team was excellent and managed our expectations and the builder communication well. We always felt briefed on the status and across any unforeseen issues. What we liked about Danny and his team is that they were able to think on their feet to resolve a problem or state that they needed to think about it and run some scenarios for a solution.

In the end we are very happy with our final build and found the process of working with Danny and his team extremely satisfying."

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