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Clients: Henry and Ursula

Project: White Cube - Epping

"We are very pleased with the result of the whole process and enjoying living in the house. We can highly recommend Danny and his team for the fabulous result, and would not hesitate to ask the team for any further work again. We have lived in the house since Mid 2016 when the work was completed. The layout of the extension works very well for us as the living and dining area and kitchen is such that we can enjoy
the area if only 2 people are living in the house or if we have a bigger family as it happened during
Covid when our son and family moved in for around half a year. One key feature is the train room,
which houses a model train layout along the walls and leaving an area at the centre to be used as
office and working area. This room has also been used for Zoom meetings as well as remote learning
and as a quiet working from home spot. We like the clear separation from the pre-existing 1920’s style building and the new extension connected with a covered bridge, which also acts as a landing between the two steps. We like the fact that the windows allow natural light to fill the rooms very well and also provide for good ventilation. Special mention goes to the louvered window above the bridge.
The ultimate test for the design happened last year when a total of 7 people lived in the house and
we found, that we have enough space to either congregate as the whole family whilst offering space
to retreat for everybody."


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