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Clients: Henry and Ursula

Project: Contemporary Industrial Addition to a Californian Bungalow

Our house in Epping is an older style charming 1920’s building. We wanted to enhance and add some more space to it and therefore we decided to carry out a significant modification. We formulated a design brief with our ideas regarding the functional aspects which we expected, then contacted Danny Broe and his team and after a few initial discussions and site visits the team started the design work. We enjoyed the cooperation with the team (Danny, Alice and Fahimah) right from the beginning and the design process took us from the conceptual layout through the details and material selection to the final design and specification.

The design includes a modern two storey pavilion style extension, which is clearly separated from the old part of the house with a glass enclosed bridge. The bridge double acts as a landing for the two stairs leading to the upper and lower levels. The extension also connects well with the outdoor garden area. The new area contains a modern kitchen and a full height living room which gives the house a generous appearance.

Danny and the team also assisted us with the design and fit-out of the older part of the building where we converted the existing kitchen into a living room and where the bedrooms are located. Each part, old and new, turned out very well in its own right and it is the contrast between traditional and new which makes the result so attractive.

We also engaged Danny and his team to select a builder and to project manage the construction process. As it turned out this was the right decision as the building process was smooth and trouble-free. We specially appreciated that the time frame was nine month only from the beginning of the works to the moving in date. There was a weekly team meeting between Danny and his team, the builders and ourselves and we resolved any issues cooperatively during these meetings.

We are very pleased with the result of the whole process and enjoy living in the house. We can highly recommend Danny and his team for the fabulous result, and would not hesitate to ask the team for any future work again.


Henry and Ursula

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