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Clients: Daren and Melissa

Project: Freestanding House Renovation

"We have now had the pleasure of utilising Danny Broe as our architect on two separate occasions. First for our terrace in Balmain and then our latest home in Hunters Hill.

He has a creative flair that adds a nuance to his work and ultimately gives you a design that works in every way. His attention to detail through all phases of the project from concept to project management is outstanding. He worked very closely with us on understanding our needs and designed a plan in both cases that worked perfectly with our lifestyle. He also has a good network of builders and consultants to assit in getting a coordinated job but is also more than happy to open the choice up to others at your discretion.

In the Balmain job, we had a very tight terrace house that had very limited scope to add significantly different function to the house. Despite this, Danny was able to help add a new kitchen and bathroom plus substantially upgrade and alter the flow of the rest of the house. The result was excellent, both us and our friends could not believe it was the same house.

Hunters Hill was different again the external wall didn't need much alteration however the internals and gardens required a major update and modernisation. In this job Danny, worked closely with our interior designer to achieve a house that not only works for us in a functional sense but also look fantastic. Danny's attention to detail come to bear where he converted some of the more creative design changes and made them into a practical reality that worked.

I can highly recommend Danny's work and services. I would certainly use Danny and his team again and plan to do do in the very near future."

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