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One of our projects is featured on Best Renovations and Additions Magazine and Contemporary Renovations and Additions Book! Check them out

This project is a renovation of an old cottage in Lilyfield. The main brief was to redesign the dysfunctional floor plan to create a new spacious living space and to connect the house to the garden. Moving the bathroom into the middle of the house freed up the rear of the house to be a large and unimpeded living space. As usual, we collaborated closely with the client and came up with the idea of an integrated kitchen living dining room and BBQ area, with large dramatic skylights over the roof.Voila! We successfully designed a very comfy space with a neutral colour palette and natural materials, such as timber. Don’t you like the touch of the red colour as an accent? The kitchen was an exercise in high quality design while using inexpensive laminate finishes. One of the features is the kitchen bench top which runs from the inside to the outside with a bi-folds window and door to create a seamless experience between the internal and external space. Other than that, the continuity of the aluminium angle along the bench top, horizontally and vertically has been transformed into a nice detail. This space also accommodates the owner with extra storage and a concealed outside under bench laundry. A small studio was added at the rear of the house as a study room which is connected to the house itself by a sunny garden. The front bedrooms were renovated. The front façade was painted and now it looks lovely. We love this house and most importantly, the clients are happy.

Keep an eye on our blog. Our next posts will be our very soon-to-be-finished projects in Paddington and Enmore with different design approaches and that resulted in extraordinary houses!

Cheers. Christina Sunario Graduate Architect

PS : If you’re interested to purchase the book / the magazine, you can order them here.

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