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  • Writer's pictureDanny Broe Architect

Exploring Light and Color through Architectural Photography

"Composition" Noun: The art of combining parts or elements to form a whole.

Architectural Photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography despite the fact that the subject does not move. The way in which different buildings and structures respond to light and how they interact with their surroundings are important questions that one must ask prior to shooting. In this study we will look at how light and color (or the lack thereof) impacts the composition and mood of an image. Each grouping of images will feature a heading dissecting how the photograph was composed. The majority of these photographs were taken in my hometown of Minneapolis.

Architecture frames nature...

Beach House, Hudson, Wisconsin

Nature frames architecture...

LPM Apartments, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Perspective lines dominate the composition...

Parking Garage, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Stone Arch Brdige and downtown Minneapolis skyline, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Chicago, Illinois

Using reflections for increased compositional integrity...

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, Minnesota
McNamara Alumni Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Foshay Tower, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Creating a grande scale...

Marina City Towers, Chicago, Illinois
Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota
IDS Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Color as a compositional tool...

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales
AT&T Tower (left) and Target Tower (right), Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri
Darling Harbor, Sydney, New South Wales

Architecture as a component in a larger composition...

Circular Quay, Sydney, New South Wales
Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois
Skyline, Gold Coast, Queensland

Repetition as composition...

"Scholar's Walk", University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Northrup Auditorium entryway, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Abstraction in Architectural Photography...

Cloud Gate ("The Bean"), Chicago, Illinois
IDS Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Circular Quay, Sydney, New South Wales
Union Station window, Kansas City, Missouri

All photographs in this post are the property of "Wyatt Prosch Photography"

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