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ENMORE COTTAGE I Feature of The House : Lovely Bay Window!

This post focuses a lovely bay window / day bed in a recent project in Enmore.  The project was an 'alterations and additions' to a Victorian period semi-detached one storey terrace house. Instead of having the usual bifold rear doors that no one actually opens we dedicated the best part of the house - the inside outside threshold - to somewhere you can hangout, the bay window seat. 

The front rooms were potentially beautiful as is usually the case but the back was a series of small and oddly arranged rooms that had no relationship to the garden. The little bathroom was at the back blocking the living room from the garden. We had a wonderful client and collaborated with her in designing her house throughout the process. We decided to demolish the rear of the house and created a spacious living dining kitchen area with a lot of storage space plus a study space in a cupboard.  The feature of the house is the lovely bay window... Below are a series of photos of how the rear of the house was transformed, from demolition, concrete slab pouring, steel frame, brick walls and finally the bay window installation. It was pretty exciting to see the transformation at the site visits every week!

A steel portal was installed at the rear  of the house to give lateral (side) stability to the new structure which is mostly glass from boundary to boundary. The bay window was constructed with 90 mm timber stud structure, timber posts and timber rafters. Bifold windows were installed and can be fully opened to create an interaction between the outside and inside spaces. 2 Double hung windows were also installed on both sides for ventilation. We designed the cushions so they can be used from both sides, facing inside and outside if you are having a BBQ. Please see below.  The cushions were designed with 3 separate pieces. The biggest one is fixed. The other 2 small cushions can be rearranged. We always try to use every single space to be functional! Underneath the cushion there are 3 drawers for storage. A esthetically lovely yet functional..

We uploaded more photos of our project in Emore on our facebook fan page! Don't forget to like us on facebook if you haven't . Also see much more of this project on our website . 

Team : Architect : Danny Broe Interior Architect : Jessica Zavaglia (in house at Danny Broe Architect)  Graduate Architects : Christina Sunario and Gabi Brasil  Builder : Andrew Simpson (AS & KB Constructions) (website) Joiner : Caravello Joinery (website) Structural Engineer : Andrew Derbidge (Partdrige Partners) (website)

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