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Drummoyne house Transformation

Sometimes what a house needs is quality instead of quantity. In this case by making strategic design decisions we completely changed this house from being a slightly depressing and oddly laid out house to a wonderful place to live and relax. Toula and Ben's Drummoyne house was a good size already for them and their daughter, but a lot of the spaces in the house were poorly located, dark, had no connection to the outdoors and were dysfunctional and uninspiring to be in. This is the case with many Sydney houses, most of which were never architect designed and were just added to over the years as people got the money to add a room. By carefully rearranging some of the layout you can transform these houses while working to a tight budget. Toula was closely involved with us at every step and her tasteful and clever input made a big difference. The builder's thoughtful input also made a big difference. 


Existing problems with the house were: 

  • A poor connection to the outdoors and a laundry that took the prime position

  • A series of unsatisfying living spaces which had no connection to the outdoors, no joy and were spaces you just walked through to get somewhere else. 

  • Living rooms with odd shapes that didn't fit furniture 

  • An upper level that felt like a cheap 1980’s addition with low ceilings and an unusable layout. This meant that it ended up being a de facto store room. 

  • A small living room with a stair in it that was otherwise unusable. 

Desired Brief 

  • Better open plan kitchen / living / dining area that opened onto a deck and new pool. 

  • Excellent kitchen to be part of the open place space 

  • New relocated laundry 

  • 4 lovely bedrooms instead of 3 dark and odd bedrooms 

  • Maybe a new front entry instead of side entry 

  • New large deck 


  • On the ground level we moved the laundry to the middle of the house which allowed the living room to be bigger and to open up to the garden with stacking doors 

  • We created a small but strategic “bump out” at the side of the house which allowed the kitchen to be placed to the South of the hall and to therefore create a simple house flow and layout. 

  • The pool is positioned to allow to still retain a big lawn and new garden shed 

  • We moved the entry from the side of the house to the front where it should be. We turned the front odd feeling small living room into a lovely big entry foyer which already had a staircase in it which now feels right. 

  • The front verandah had been badly “glassed in” and was a hot sun room. We took out the glass and turned it back into a verandah which creates a welcoming entry. 

  • We turned a small depressing existing dining room into a walk-in pantry for the kitchen which meant that the open plan kitchen, living and dining ended up a large and beautiful proportioned room with a view of the pool and garden. 

  • The deck has a roof over it which makes it useable all year round and it has a cool built in BBQ and bench 

  • Upstairs we created a two bedroom haven for Toula and Ben and their daughter. This former large but depressing room that wasn't a good living room became a perfect master bedroom and stair hall. But introducing the stair hall makes both bedrooms function much better and gives them a sense of separation and privacy. The large linen cupboard in the stair hall was a bonus. 

  • We then turned a small upstairs bedroom into two ensuites, one for each bedroom. 

  • The ceiling was low upstairs at 2.4 m high so we strategically created a new sloped ceiling in part of the master bedroom which makes all the difference.

SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_4.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_1 (1).jpg


  • The pool is great and looks classy with stone tiled paving but it was still done on a budget as a drop in fibreglass pool. 

  • Frosted glass windows to neighbours side 

  • We created a banquet seat nook in the living room 

  • We created a home study in the living room by using an existing stepped wall and turning it into a positive thing 

  • The upper level was an awful brown colour on the outside and looked like a cheap 1980’s addition. With minimal cost we upgraded the look of the upper level with a contemporary colour scheme and by putting large timber architraves around the windows. Sometimes subtle things make a big difference 

  • We created a little skylight void above the kitchen by putting two skylights side by side and making a void that encompassed both, creating a sense of light and space. 

Here is a link to a video the builder made on site during construction.

SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_6.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_9.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_11.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_12.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_10 (1).jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_13.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_5.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_8.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_3.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_17.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_18.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_14.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_15.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_16.jpg




Existing House Type:

Existing Double Brick


Bayside Built

Floor Area:



existing 1_edited.jpg


existing 2.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_2.jpg
SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY_Bayside Built_Drummoyne_HIGH_1 (1).jpg


As usual we couldn't have done it without the collaboration with the entire highly skilled team and the clients. This includes:

Project Architect - Danny Broe 

Interior Designer - Veronica Andrus-Blaskievics  

Builder - Bayside Built  -

Photographer - Sebastian Photography

Principal Architect - Danny Broe

Project Architect - Danny Broe

In-house Interior Designer - Veronica Andrus-Blaskievics




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