This house is a “knock down rebuild” - a completely new house built in a strictly regulated heritage conservation area. The old house was dilapidated so we got permission to demolish it and to build a custom designed amazing single Levent house for the Wong family. The main concept for new house design is to fit in well with the beautiful federation and Victorian houses in the street but then be a very contemporary design at the rear. The front half is Victorian in form with a tiled roof, bullnose verandah and double face brick  walls. The rear half of the house has an unusual butterfly roof where the sides go up toward the light. This design allow sun to come into the living room around perimeter at all times of the day. The windows in the living room are strategically placed to provide privacy but to still see private views to the garden. There are bay windows with bifolding windows. 


The siting of the house: Another concept is the house siting. The house is overlooked but a 2 story neighbor so instead of designing the traditional back yard we designed a central courtyard the courtyard is a u shape and is private and protected from overlooking while still facing north. 

The front half construction is cavity brick using traditional dry pressed bricks, blackout timber floor, terracotta tiled roof and picket fence. The back half has a polished concrete slab floor and a metal roof. The bricks are the front are traditional laid but the ones at the back are “stack bond” - laid on top of each other in a line as an interesting feature. 


The roof has a large installation of solar panels and there is a 10,000 liter rainwater tank. The house is passive solar designed. The roof and windows were designed to block out the hot summer sun while allowing the nice winter sun to enter.  The house is well insulated and timber windows were used rather aluminium which required a huge amount of energy to produce. 


The kitchen is really important and we worked closely with Carmen to make sure that it is amazing. It has a walk in pantry, state of the art appliances and a unique curved island bench. It is also sculptural and complements the butterfly roof / ceiling and open plan space. 


The Wong family wanted a new family home to live in for the rest of their lives. The location in Chatswood is perfect and its in a lovely heritage street with federation homes along it. Steven and Carmen and their young daughter wanted a home that both fit into the heritage nature of the street but then was also very contemporary.  Steven prepared a very detailed client briefing document with photos of thinks that they liked and lots of notes and ideas. We collaborated closely with them (as we always do with our clients) all the way though the project.  


As usual we couldn't have done it without the collaboration with the entire highly skilled team and the clients. This includes:

Principal Architect - Danny Broe

Project Architect - Fahimah Badrulhisham

Interior Designer - Alice Pamment

Builder - BIC Constructions - (02) 8378 9122

Engineer - Hyten Engineering - 0413 863 363

Joiner - McGee Joinery

Cost Estimator - Nguyen

House construction type: is a “knock down rebuild” - a completely new house built in a strictly regulated heritage conservation area

Location: Chatswood