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The brief was to redesign and restructure the traditional Balmain terrace to suit a contemporary lifestyle. This alterations and additions project extends the house into the garden and creates an open plan kitchen and dining area, where people can gather to socialize while cooking and eating.


This alterations and additions project was the result of the inclusive approach of Danny Broe architect. The renovation design was realised as a collaboration between Danny Broe architect, the owner, interior designer, engineer, builder and builder's subcontractors.


A successful project is the result of the experience, skill and enthusiasm of all team members working together. The existing terrace in East Balmain was typical of many un-renovated terraces. The front rooms were beautiful but dark and under-used, while at the rear were a series of additions made over time which cut the house off from the garden.


Demolish the rear ground level rooms of the house and reposition the bathroom in the centre of the house, opening the new kitchen/living area up to the courtyard. The kitchen and courtyard are joined seamlessly by the polished concrete floor which links the two areas at the same level, without a step or barrier.


Danny Broe architect fully designed and detailed the new kitchen, built by a specialist joinery workshop. An appliance cupboard included at benchtop level allows the owners to easily conceal bulky kitchen equipment that is often used. Large drawers maximise storage space and a long elegant island bench doubles as a kitchen table. A polished concrete floor with underfloor heating runs through the kitchen and bathroom.


The courtyard is a fully 'designed' space and has become an outdoor room with custom made bench seats and a gas barbeque, built into a polished concrete bench. Under the bench is space for an outside bar fridge and storage space for the bench pillows.

An expansive two storey three bedroom terrace. Upstairs: three bedrooms with a dressing room/study. Downstairs: the TV room, sitting room, second bathroom/laundry, central light well, new kitchen/living area, rear open courtyard, garden and shed.


The two front rooms retain their historical integrity in contrast to the modern kitchen area. A wall was carefully removed and a door bricked up to create two rooms separated by a fireplace 'column'. The original fireplaces were retro fitted with efficient gas heaters which look like the original coal fires.


The TV room at the front of the house is a cosy retreat incorporating state of the art audio/video technology.


The bathroom is intricately designed to house the three functions of a shower, toilet and laundry in a small space. The water feature/light well is located in the middle of the house to allow north sunlight to flood into the once dark front rooms.

Every aspect of the house was carefully designed and thought through including: overall site planning, functional planning, kitchen, bathroom, courtyard, furniture and colours.






Balmain, Sydney


Existing House Type:

Terrace House

Principal Architect :

Danny Broe

In-house Interior Designer:

Jessica Zavaglia


Manik Constructions



Partridge Partners

Structure: Steel frame, brick veneer walls

Facade: Rendered Brick

Other Materials: Polished concrete slab, aluminium door, Aneeta shashless windows


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